Custom Built Computers

We sell custom built computers with free shipping. We build custom Nobilis brand workstation computers or laptops to fit any need you or your business may have. Our computers are built with high-quality parts from companies like Intel and Asus. Our computers come with 1 to 3 year warranties. If one of our computers needs servicing within the warranty period, one of our techs will come out to repair the computer on site(within 100 miles of Rome, Georgia) without the need to send the actual computer off for repairs like most other companies.

We can also build your business a new server or install a network. However, that’s a big decision. You may simply need a consultation on a current system and advice on what the next step should be with your network or server.

If you are interested in one of our custom built computers, please call or come by our Rome, Georgia office.

Free shipping on all new computers!

Custom built Nobilis computers – workstations and laptops with Intel® Core™ i3 , i5, or i7 processors.

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